Western Brotherhood

To be part of the Western Brotherhood you must be a human, and all Western Brotherhood members are born into the brotherhood. You must decide at the beginning if you would like to be a Scribe or a Knight. This determines which bonus initiation package you can start with, and what advancements you can make in the brotherhood later. Only Knights can later become paladins. You start out as either a junior knight or a junior scribe.

Note, the reputation cost takes away from your overall reputation. That reputation is permanently loss.

Knight Ranks

Rank Requirements
Initiate Level 1
Junior Knight Level 4, 1 Reputation, Initiate
Knight Level 8, 2 reputation, Junior Knight
Senior Knight Level 12, 4 reputation, Knight
Knight Master Level 15, 6 Reputation, Senior Knight

Scribe Ranks

Rank Requirements
Initiate Level 1
Junior Scribe Level 4, 2 Reputation, Initiate
Scribe Level 10, 4 reputation, Junior Scribe
Master Scribe Level 15, 8 reputation, Scribe

Paladin Ranks

Rank Requirements
Junior Paladin Level 8, 3 reputation, Junior Knight
Paladin Level 12, 6 reputation, Junior Paladin
Senior Paladin Level 15, 9 reputation, Paladin
Paladin General Level 18, 12 reputation, Senior Paladin

Western Brotherhood

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