After The Game

After each game session, a few things will happen.

For everyone: You will get a filled out chronicle sheet. You can purchase items with your caps, level up if you gained enough XP, and spend reputation on advancements(etc.), healing, etc. You heal 3 days worth of damage via your healing rate. (It is assumed three days pass between each session for ease, even though some will be shorter and some will be longer.)

If you did NOT play in the game: This is all you can do for this session.

If you DID play in the game: There are a number of other actions you can take. You have your choice from the following actions, which you can do any 3 of the following:

Action Effect Notes
Repair Gear Attempt to repair your gear If you feel nice you can attempt to repair other peoples gear
Doctor Doctor Limbs You can use this on other players who were active this game as well
First Aid Make 3 first aid checks to heal hp’s These heal checks can be used on others as well
Go Hunting & Gathering Make an outdoorsman check to earn some caps For every 3 points you succeed by you earn 1 cap, so if your outdoorsman is 110, and you roll a 50, you earn 20 caps(110-50=60/3=20)
Ingratiate Yourself Make a Speech Check to earn a point of reputation Make a speech check with a difficulty of [(your level+reputation) x 4]. You can only do this once per level.
Barter King Make money helping the caravan barter For every 5 points you succeed by you earn 1 cap, so if your barter is 110, and you roll a 50, you earn 12 caps(110-50=60/5=12)

Sample Chronicle Sheet.

After The Game

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