Bat People

Bat People

Bat people are the result of a genetic cross of bats and humans. These intelligent beasts either walk on two legs or fly and reach a height of two meters in adulthood. They weigh up to 200 pounds, and records claim that they live up to 150 years. Like with bats, their forearms are winged, with a wingspan of six meters and more. They have dark hair and brown skin, with their eyes being black with a red glow in the dark. These creatures live in dark caves spread around the wasteland and are also known as Winged Ones, Demons, Devils, Vampires and los Chupacabras. The variety of their names show that these people are generally detested throughout the wastes.
Thus, bat people usually keep away from other societies and tend to live selfsustaining. They are known to cooperate with human tribals on occasion.

Bat people live in small families, called flocks, but also group together into tribes ranging anywhere from 20 to 200 individuals in average. They spend most of the time roaming their caves or the wasteland in the search for food. The main diet of these creatures are molerats, but they feed on any other being as well, sometimes even joining together to hunt for large prey such as deathclaws.

Tribes of bat people who live close to human settlements are usually proficient of human speech, as they are curious and tend to investigate any oddities within their territory. However, bat people also have their own language, which –except small regional differences- seems to be the same throughout the wasteland. This indicates that all bat people have a common origin. Their language is hard to learn for anyone else, since many tones are very high-pitched and some can’t be heard by humans at all. The only known tribe to be in regular contact with humans are the Angeloi in southern California, who are known to be extremely hydrophobic.

Since their bone fracture is fragile for their size, bat people tend to avoid the risk of close combat. If possible, they will attack from the air, sweeping onto the enemy to make a sudden strike with their sharp claws or dropping rocks and the like at them. Bat people are smart enough to figure out the use of guns and energy weapons, but they don’t like the loudness of these weapons. Furthermore, they have a bad vision due to their night-time existence which means that all bat people are night persons (automatic trait, can’t be deselected).

Bat people gain a perk every 3 levels, and gain an additional hit point per level. Their healing rate is incredibly high (+1/2 rate), and they have a 30% radiation resistance bonus and a 10% poison resistance bonus, but they are vulnerable to fire and electricity (-10%). Due to their way of perception, they are immune to any blinding attacks, but also suffer from too much noise and are easily irritated by the humming noise of generators or similar electrical machines. Additionally, They gain +30% to their detection score.

Obviously, no one makes armor for the bat people. Their physique also makes impossible to drive cars, use backpacks and operate many other machines. However, bat people are extremely fond of reading, even though their eyesight is very bad. They make up for this with their excellent hearing. A “batsy” will even hear the humming noise of a machine from a distance (roll perception). Bat people have two ways of movement: walking (AG-2) and flying (AG+2). It takes 6 action points to change from walking to flying, but only 4 AP from flying to walking mode. Flying time is limited to Endurance rate (in minutes, or in turns).

Minimum 2 2 5 1 1 2 3
Maximum 8 10 12 9 10 13 12

Bat people natural attacks: Bat people have four types of natural attacks: claws (meaning legs, can only be used during flight), wings, sonic blast and sonic beam. A sonic blast is a loud hissing noise that spreads out in a cone with a range of 5+ Endurance. A sonic beam is a high-pitched sound attack which is pin-pointed at one person and has a range of 10+Endurance. Claws and wings use melee weapons skill, whereas sonic attacks use small arms skill. Bat people prefer their sonic attacks while on ground. They will make sweep attacks from the air if possible.

Claws(melee): Dmg. 2d8+MD, APs:3 T:N/A B:N/A (sweep: 2d10+MD, APs: 4)

Wings(melee): Dmg. 1d8+MD, APs:4 T:N/A B:N/A

Sonic Blast(small guns): 1 point of damage per Endurance point, APs: 6

Sonic Beam(small guns): 1d4+ 1 point of damage per Endurance point, APs: 5

Traits: night person (mandatory)

Optional traits: fast metabolism, small frame, kamikaze, jinxed, skilled, gifted, aeronaut, grounded

Aeronaut / Grounded

You love to fly / walk, but you are very clumsy using those two other appendages of yours. Your flight / waling rate is doubled while your walking / flying rate drops by half(faster speeds cannot be combined with increased movement speeds).

Perks: Action Boy (or Girl), Adrenaline Rush, Bend the Rules, Bone Head, Bonus Move, Break the
Rules, Cautious Nature, Comprehension, Die Hard, Divine Favor, Dodger, Earlier Sequence, Explorer, Faster Healing, Fortune Finder, Gain Agility, Gain Charisma, Gain Endurance, Gain Intelligence, Gain Luck, Gain Perception, Gain Strength, Ghost, Healer, Here and Now, Karma Beacon, Living Anatomy, Medic, Mental Block, More Criticals, Mysterious Stranger, Mutate! (also works on night-person!), Rad Resistance, Rad Child, Scout, Silent Death, Silent Flying, Slayer, Survivalist, Swift Learner, Tag!, Talon of Fear, Tough Hide, Toughness

New Perks For Bat People Only:


Your shrieks echo through the night as you hunt for your prey. You are a…
nightstalker! +10% to sneak and +1 to perception at night
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Level: 10 PE 7

Master Screecher

It’s not only glass- you can shatter almost anything with your incredible voice. Watch out, Pavarotti! + 5 Dmg. to sound attacks
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Level: 6 EN 7


Your life consists mainly of flying, flying and… flying. You like to race with vertiberds in your spare time. Flying rate +3, Flying duration +2,
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Level: 6 EN 8 AG 6


If you could only fly high enough, you could be able to reach the sun. Maybe it’s worth a try?
Flying duration +2, Flight height
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Level: 12 EN 8 AG 7

Crash Pilot

You’re a gung-ho crash pilot. Changing walking / flying modes takes 2 AP less.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 6 AG 8

Master Sweeper

Death from above!!! Your sweeps upon enemies have become deadly. Your air
attacks cause double damage.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 10 STR 5 AG 7


You are the redeemer of the weak, the savior of the wastes, the flying wonder, the… +15%
to all resistances, +5 AC, +1 agility.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: only good Karma, level 14

Demon Spawn

You are the curse of mankind, everyone’s worst nightmare, the devil himself, the…
+15% to all resistances, +5 damage, +1 endurance.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: only bad Karma, level 14

Bat People

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