Come join a living campaign, where you and a group travel the wasteland. Be prepared to stop in locations from FO 1, 2, 3, New Vegas, Tactics, BOS and even cancelled games such as Tactics 2, BOS 2 and Van Buren. Play when you can in an open ended game, that will be treated as a living world campaign, but where one gains level and equipment with the rest of the group. Miss three games, oh well, you stay competitive through the leveling system in place.

I have started with Mission Briefing three, because it gives the best overview of what this campaign represents:

Mission Three Briefing
You 2 are rushed in to meet High Elder Maxson the 5th and Head Scribe Sophia, along with another man in black power armor of a type you’ve never seen before. It is quite an honor to have the two leaders of the brotherhood in front of you, and you realize it must be fore something of grave importance. The last time they were together granting a mission it was to the Vault Dweller to eliminate the super mutant menace. You can tell this mission is going to be of grave importance, and that they are placing a great deal of trust in your hands.

“Young recruits” High Elder Maxson begins, “it should be obvious to you that you have been called here for a mission of grave importance. As you probably know, the Western Division of the Brotherhood of Steel has been waning in power. I’m not going to lie, our situation is poor right now. We are short on manpower, and our near constant skirmishes with the NCR has left us crippled. While we kill 100 for every 1 of ours, they have tens of thousands to our remaining hundreds. Fortunately, at the moment with the Couriers taking over of the Hoover Dam we appear to be at a much needed cease fire. It is an uneasy truce, but one we need all the same.”

“Here in the western Brotherhood, we are too split up for our own good. We are holding Lost Hills. The Den, and San Francisco. Our NCR outpost had to be destroyed, luckily we did it before the NCR could get their hands on our technology. In the Mojave Wasteland we are working tirelessly to keep the Maxson’s Bunker and Hidden Valley held. Luckily, the NCR being cut off at the Dam has led them to focus their efforts else where, and those two locations seem safe for the moment being.”

“I am not sure what you know of the brotherhoods splintered history, but we have split many times further weakening our forces. The first split was two splits nearly simultaneously. After the defeat of the master by the Vault Dweller, Head Paladin Rhombus, Romulus’s Grandfather, lead an expedition into Texas to destroy the Attis Army, one of the largest remnants of the Master’s Army. While the Initiate succeeded in destroying the leader of that army, a good portion of the brotherhood choose to stay back in Texas, and while we get the odd word from them, we know little of what they have been doing. Rhombus was almost destroyed, but fought on long enough for The Initiate to finish them off”

“Around the same time, a larger group of the brotherhood wanted to let outsiders into our ranks. It was a large group of our brotherhood, nearly 35% if the scribes are too be believed.” He eyes Head Scribe Sophia and continues abruptly “and so our elders, rather than deal with it, had the brotherhood construct airships, and sent them East to establish new ground, rumor has it they met with misfortune, but some of them survived.” He glances towards the man in black power armor who steps forward.

“I am Star Paladin Benning of the Capitol Wasteland Outcast Brotherhood. I have came here from the East and spent much time in my journey with the Mid-Western Brotherhood. They claim that the airships the brotherhood established for them were of poor design, and all three crashed. There were few survivors. They even decided to let others join their brotherhood” he can’t hide the venom from his voice as he continues “and even have let ghouls, super mutants and deathclaws join their forces.”

Maxson glances at him, then back to you. When he is sure the Outcast is done speaking he continues “Yes, so they too split from us and have gone dark. After the Chosen One destroyed the Enclave here in the West, we decided to reconnect with our brothers in the East. We sent a strong force East led by Elder Owen Lyons. According to Paladin Benning, they failed to establish contact with the Mid-western Brotherhood, and continued heading East. Apparently, he grew softer and softer as time went on, and instead of preserving technology and gaining it for the brotherhood, and heading back to the West to realign with us, he decided to stay and aid the Civilians in the Capitol Wasteland.”

Star Paladin Benning nods curtly, and cuts off the High Elder “Yes, and a large group of us decided it was in our best interest to defect and preserve the brotherhoods original goals in the East. Elder Lyons is too soft to lead the brotherhood, and is housing powerful technologies in the Citadel. Additionally, he has allied with a Lone Wanderer who has wiped out a rogue Enclave that popped up out in the East. The Lone Wanderer also helped them gain control of a water purification plant that is purifying thousands of gallons of water per day. That is why I came back, I felt it was time that the Brotherhood knew what they had at their disposal, and I traveled the wasteland to let you know.” He glances at Maxson and steps back.

Maxson starts again “yes, and it couldn’t have come at a more critical time for our survival. We need help, and we need it now, if this outcast is to be believed, the Mid-Western brotherhood of steel has prospered, and numbers several thousand now. The Capitol Wasteland brotherhood sits on one of the old worlds greatest technological achievements, and even controls a giant robot. Rumors abound about a splinter cell in the South East, around where Florida used to be, and there is the Texas Division to re-establish contact with. Perhaps, with all these forces we can muster the support we need to thrive again as we once did before the NCR and Legion came and ran over us.”

“You will travel with this outcast across the waste’s on a diplomatic mission. Master Scribe Vrea and Paladin General Romulus will also accompany you. We have already hired the Happy Trails Caravan Company, whom you have picked up. They will bring goods, and the ability to transport water with you. The traders should make it so you all don’t have to worry about supplies on your way. Your goal is to establish contact with these lost factions, and bring them over to helping us against the rising threats of the NCR, Legion, and the Courier before it is too late for us.”

At this Head Scribe Sophia, who has been quite steps forward. She seems to be in a zone as she begins “We have taken what we know from our sources in the field and put together the optimal starting route for you. While out in the field, we actually have a secondary mission for you. We have begun using radio waves again, but we need towers activated and set to our frequency. If you can activate these towers as you go, we should be able to remain in contact with you all through out your journey. We also believe if we can get this contact through out the wastelnad, we can better control our forces and cordinate our efforts, which will give us a real edge. According to the military history I’ve been reading fast reliable communication was the key to winning many battles.”

“Anyway, you will head out of here and go to junktown. Junktown has one such antennae, and you must convince them to let you recalibrate it. That should give us communication into the Mojave Wasteland. The next part of your journey is tricky. You see, the only real way forward is through the Dam, which has NCR forces on our side, the Courier in the Middle, and Legion on the other side. While I believe the Courier would let us through with the aid we provided him in the 2nd battle for Hoover Dam, the other two forces surely will not. Also, we prefer them not to know about our mission. So, the best way through is the Divide, no one in their right mind goes there.”

“According to our research the NCR tricked the Courier into destroying the divide with technology obtained from Navarro. As such its a pretty desolate and corrupted place, but no one uses it, so you can pass through there un molested from either side, though the denizens are said to be nasty and hostile. Once through there you will make a stop off at our Mojave Wateland bunker at Hidden Valley. From there you will head to black mountain, where you will reconfigure the radio tower so that we have communication. After that stop off at Helios One, where the NCR has control of a powerful weapon. You are to take it from them. Head Paladin Edgar Hardin will have more information for you on that.”

“From there you will travel through an old secret Brotherhood Outpost that connects to the Sierra Madre, and take that out to the other side. You will need to be careful to avoid legion there as you traverse to the Grand Canyon. Rumor has it there is an old Sky Tram that you can use to cross to the other side. You will pretty much head straight to Maxson’s Bunker out there. You will be able to get some much needed rest before you head Northeast through Denver. We don’t know much about that region, but the Mojave brotherhood may know more.”

“Once through Denver you will be close to where Star Paladin Benning has said that Bunker Epsilom is. We assume at that point you will need to coordinate with the Mid-Western Brotherhood of Steel, and you can come up with the best next actions. Remember to keep an eye out for Radio Towers, if we can link up the entire brotherhood into one network we may just be able to consolidate our power again.” The scribe finishes excitedly, and looks almost as id she’s ready to pass out.

Maxson looks at you all and says “You know now whats at stake here, and what you must do. We have everything riding on your success in this mission. Any Questions?”

Fallout: The Lost Brotherhood