Paladins spend their time patrolling, guarding, going on missions and further honing their
combat abilities through training. Paladins are organised in to six man squads, each lead by a
senior paladin. Each squad is autonomous though several squads can easily work together to
co-ordinate an attack thanks to the radio device built in to their helmets. Paladins are the sole
bearers of the brotherhood power armour, and are usually equipped with the most powerful

Paladins gain the following based on their previous package choice:

Basic: Gain +2% to critical hits.
Brawler: Gain 1 AP that can be used for movement only.
Stealth: +5% to sneak.
Heavy: +5% to Big Guns.
Sniper: +5% to small guns.
Explosives: Add one hex to your splash radius.
Advanced: +5% to energy weapons.
Leader: All allies in 10 hexes gain +3 to AC.
Specialist: Once per day you can reduce a critical hit to a regular hit.

You also can purchase T51-D Power Armor or any non-restricted weapon or big gun of up to 2500 caps Regardless of your Reputation. You also gain 5 hp’s.


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