Character Creation

The rules for character creation are as here: Character Creation Rules with the following exceptions.

The only legal starting race is Human. Other races will become available as the game progresses.

Only Dogs, Mutated Crocodiles and Hairy Deathclaws will be legal companions. For a Dog companion you need a Charisma of 7, for a Deathclaw a 9 or a Mutated Crocodile you need a 10. There may be special companions you can also unlock along the way through boons. Hairy Deathclaws and mutated crocodiles will unlock later in the game. Companions have no starting wealth, you must use your own wealth to equip them with.

Disposition – will not be used.

Karmic Disposition – Every 100 point (+ or -) of karma raises your reputation by 1.

Traits – There is one additional trait.

Braggart: Your a bad ass and you know it. And you let everyone else know it, a lot. Whenever you earn reputation you gain an additional 25% (so 1 point for every 4 earned). Unfortunately, if you don’t live up to your baddassery it hurts you and you loose the next point of reputation that you would normally earn, as everyone realizes you aren’t so bad ass.

Barter – Barter is no longer used for buying, all buying is at cost. Barter will be used for selling equipment back and to gain extra loot after a scenario is over. Every chronicle has a base barter value which will vary and is largely level dependent. Lets say for this example the chronicle pays 500 caps and has a barter value of 110. Your barter is 135. You would gain extra caps of (135/110)= 1.227×500 to get 613.5. For selling loot its largely the same. Lets say you have a barter of 60, and the same 110 base barter from the chronicle. You would sell loot back that you don’t need (like that armor because you just upgraded) at 60/110= 54.5%. The lowest amount you can sell loot back for is 25%, and you can never sell it back for over 100%.

Repair – Except for a few special items, repair will not be used for crafting. It will still be used for repairing your equipment after/during a game session. You can buy repair parts for 30 caps each. You can repair equipment at camp too, using the standard 2.5%/box, altered for barter. For instance, if your barter is 55, and the chronicles barter is 110 you would be repairing for (110/55) or x2, so 5%/box. If your barter is 110 or over, you do not reduce the cost of repairing to less than 2.5%/box.

Psionics – I am going to open up psionics in this game. You CANNOT start with them though. The earliest they can be picked up is level 8 with the mutate perk. They can also be picked up through one of the factions. Do note that the psionics are completely untested and may be unbalanced, therefor we may need to be adjusted as we go. I will work with you in every capacity I can to make sure that it is fair to you and the game as a whole.

Starting Level is going to be level 1 with any starting package of your choice. You may always purchase from Always Available from the wiki for your starting equipment, assuming your package starts with any caps.

You start out as an Initiate for the Western Brotherhood.

Character Creation

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